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Brief – Javascript Variable Scope

In this article I would be summarizing important points to keep in mind when thinking of javascript variable with respect to their scope. For a long time object oriented programmer coding in languages like C# (such as me), [Read More…]

Brief – KnockoutJS

As a part of my previous project I had a chance of learning and working with KonckoutJS which one of the popular client side javascript frameworks. In this post I am going to write about my understanding of various features KO offer. [Read More…]

Brief – Javascript Closure

I am still in my early stages of JavaScript programming. Through my learning, I find closure is a very powerful concept in JavaScript. But it can seem somewhat confusing at times specially if coming from object oriented background. [Read More…]

Understanding C# Delegates and Events

This post is about an extremely seasoned topic from C#, which many new programmers face difficulty understanding – Delegates and Events. I have noticed, even a C# programmers with over 5 years of experience [Read More…]