Who am I?

This was the exercise I performed while reading the book What color is your parachute?. As a part of this exercise I have tried to describe myself in ten different ways. First I took ten sheets of paper and wrote one question Who am I? on the top. Then I wrote a short answer to the question underneath, and a summary of why I chose to write a short answer.

I am keeping a note of this here so that I can revisit these descriptions and learn more about what would make me happier to take a decision that can affect me both personally and professionally.

 A woman,

Being woman makes me dependable. I am gifted to multitask, manage several things at once, make several people happier at once.

Being a woman also makes me beautiful, charming, smart and lovable. I always strive more and more to become a strong woman inside out.

A student,

My inquisitive nature never lets me feel less than a student. I love to study. I love a quiet time of reading, thinking, taking notes, searching for newer and cooler things to study. I miss those days when studying was my full time job.

I dream of a day to be able to find the most wonderful mentor(s) that can quench my thirst for more knowledge and give that a better direction.

A Perfectionist,

I always want to do everything the right way. I want to use right tools, allow ample time and review things multiple times until I get them right. I like to keep my place extremely clean and organized.

As a programmer, I believe the piece of art is not only the working program but also the code written behind the scenes. I want my code to reflect my personality and I am on a quest to become a good programmer…

A Manager,

I value my resources a lot and work really hard to manage them most effectively. Currently, the most important resources I have are time, money, space, and knowledge. I want to use them most effectively to learn about myself and my personal and professional options.

I can work with several balls tossed in the air, I enjoy the momentum that brings to my everyday schedule.

A risk taker,

My fiercely independent and dreamy nature allows me to take risks. I like to take road less travelled. Knowing there will be challenges, gives me excitement and zeal to work even harder.

A dreamer,

I dream a lot and I dream big! I constantly look for great ideas to bring a change.

These days I have a dream to go back to my country, my hometown and create an atmosphere for young minds to think outside the box, to believe in creating something truly unique and themselves.

A family person,

My family plays a very important role in the kind of person I am today. I inherit most of my strengths from my mother and most of my sensitivity from my father. My husband is my best friend and my two younger sisters are the most adorable things in world.

My family on both sides are truly my support system. I want to make them happy and proud in every way possible.

A shopping lover,

I love to shop and collect beautiful things. I dream of my home having a collection of carefully picked collectibles. I also love to dress perfectly for every occasion, which is why I always find a reason to go shopping.

A nature lover,

I am a socially sensitive person. One of these days I have realised environment is the biggest cause of today’s times and many of us are conveniently ignoring it. I am trying to make concious efforts to reduce my impact on the earth.

I also love the feeling of peace and serenity that is brought to me when I am in laps of nature. I wish to create a place where I can limitlessly enjoy the nature in its most wonderful form.

A peace loving person,

I think if good things are done perfectly by everyone, the world works in perfect harmony which brings overall peace. I love soothing music like indian classical music. I appreciate every effort made to bring peace to our body and soul.

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