Rotimatic: help ladies worry less about the kitchen :)

Disclaimer: This is my personal take on the new product Rotimatic that is to be launched. The knowledge about the product is purely based on the video of Rotimatic and their website. It should not be considered as any kind of advertisement.

It was a typical weekday evening. I was tired from a long day at work and commute and still there was dinner to be cooked. I was trying to think of all possible healthy alternatives for dinner. But nothing seemed like a complete meal without rotis ( indian flat bread).

Me and the husband have this discussion all the time, about what shall we have for dinner today and the lunchbox. (Both of us like to eat homemade food because it is healthy as well as economic). For those who do not know this, rotis are an integral part of indian meal. They are always a better option over white rice. But making roti dough and preparing rotis is a long process which requires patience. The kind of patience that is hard to keep after almost 12 hours of work.

The other day my sister told me about this amazing product to be launched – Rotimatic. Created by a singapore based company Zimplistic, it promises to automate the whole process of roti preparation right from making dough. If Rotimatic delivers what it says, it will be a total bliss.

The idea clearly has tremendous potential to change the face of everyday cooking. To me the most attractive part is that it will automate all the ground work that goes into preparing delicious rotis.

I want this idea to succeed, not only in helping the people that are deprived of healthy meals due to lack of rotis, but more importantly for women. I think this technology will clearly affect how women are perceived in the household specifically in india.

They are always thought of as being occupied in the kitchen. The main difference I see in indian food and other types of food is that, with indian food it is not enough to prepare just one dish like a sandwitch or a pasta or a casserole lets say. However, if something like Rotimatic can automate the most skilled and time consuming part of the process, women can certainly free their minds off the large scale cooking and engage in other activities without much guilt.

Making rotis is so inherent in the indian culture that the image of an indian caring wife/mother is always visualized with a belan (rolling pin). Even the most careerist and ambitious girls find it very hard to break out of this image. They try to fit everything in their day long schedule to show that they care equally about the household. Something like Rotimatic will ultimately help them offload the burden of this image.

Now, some people might argue that handmade food has more taste than machine made, and I can agree to some extent. A cook can definitely bring most flavors to the food. And sometimes I would want to go for the old school cooking. When I really want to pamper my loved ones and myself. But for everyday cooking it certainly is a huge overhead. Another advantage is that it will empower other members of the household to actively participate in cooking process, which is great!

The point I am trying to make here is that cooking really occupies a great deal of time from women’s adult life. We absolutely need more such automated kitchen equipments to free our ladies from this tedious process, so that they start exploring other aspects of life as well.

I am looking forward to the launch of Rotimatic, let me know what you think about it.


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