The year 2013 in retrospective

I have been trying to write this post since last few days now but was having tough times assembling all thoughts together. Just like all those previous years I thought the year 2013 would be just another one. But to my surprise this year turned out to be a really valuable year for me.

The most important event this year was I finally got the much needed separation from my two year long job. When I took this job my only concern was to move closer to my husband. But since its initial days I felt I haven’t got a handle on it. Although I did like what I worked on, I kept losing my sense of purpose at the work. I really, truly wanted to grow as a programmer, I wanted to write the code I would be proud of showing someone. Although, I did understand this problem, I was not sure how to address it.

Luckily after losing my  job I got good month or two to finally get the focus. I started zooming out my thinking and reading lens. I started reading technical blogs, articles, watched random youtube videos on service oriented architecture, cloud computing etc. I started following awesome people on various social media. I opened this blog, and started writing whatever I could grasp and articulate in my words. This made me a much better programmer and a professional. I finally realized that just having good intentions to grow or become someone are not enough. I need to reach out and more importantly express myself in as many ways as I can.

I also started reading lots of books, from different fields and by different authors. Each book has inspired me in its own unique way and has helped me become a better person everyday. As a child my mother would always advice me to read books. For some reason I never took this advice seriously, but since I started taking reading seriously, I only thought I wish I would have started doing it earlier. Simply reading a book makes you think entirely differently, let alone how positively it impacts you. I try to follow the books recommended by my role models and build my own to-read list from theirs. It is absolute great way to read wonderful books that will have a everlasting, positive impact.

In the second half of this year I started doing some self digging to find what I want to do in a longer run, and where I see myself in coming years. Thanks to the amazing books I read, which inspired me to look positively at my aspirations and not let go. Some really great ideas are taking shape in my mind and I am positive I would take the actions towards them in near future.

I feel very positive about the year 2014 and I am finally going to position myself to use my strengths to my advantage and grow into a much better person.

I wish you all the a wonderful new year ahead. May all your wishes come true and success be yours!

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