The one way ticket back home


It’s been a quite some time since I wrote here. I was busy with getting setup since one of the big changes of my life came about. I recently moved back to my lovely country- India. My journey of past seven years has been simply wonderful, full of challenges, twists and turns. It is certainly impossible to do justice to every beautiful moment I have had in these years which are now my ever so beautiful memories. But I am going to try go down that memory lane and gather a few.

  • Aurangabad –> Syracuse

I was born and brought up in Aurangbad, Maharashtra. Back in 2007 I earned my engineering degree with good grades. I was also fortunate enough to be placed in a multinational company through campus interviews. What seemed to be a sort destination for many did not quite satisfy me. I had a strong desire to be a student for some more. So I flied  to Syracuse, NY for my higher studies. I was a girl just out of college, a reserved one by nature, had never stayed away from home and family, with no clue about what this new phase had in store for me. I simply followed my heart and took a decision which now I am so glad I did. This very experience gave me the confidence that it is okay to follow your heart to make the seemingly tough decisions.

  • MS Computer Science

My times during masters were nothing like bachelors. They used to start with a morning shift at dinning hall making omelets, washing utensils, followed by a several lectures during the day, followed by long hours at library completing assignments, followed by evening work shifts, followed by late dinners and chats with friends. At first this schedule seemed impossible. I thought I am either going to pass out due to hunger and exertion or eventually going to flunk an exam. But luckily none of that happened. I did reasonably well in all exams, kept my minimum wage job throughout and did a summer internship too. I graduated in Fall of 2008.

  • The road to my first job

Times were tough when I graduated, the financial breakdown had hit the world. Even the brightest and smartest ones of us were jobless. I travelled places during these times right from living with my cousins to adjusting in a basement of a company who promised to offer me job and process my work permit. These times taught me the resilience. The relentless efforts and strong faith in myself landed me to the first job.

  •  The Professional  

I was finally a professional. The one with a title in outlook, with a cubicle which had name tag on it, with a salary account, with healthcare benefits and what not. All of it in a country which was so different form my own, this whole experience was so overwhelming yet so much magical.

I was a do as directed person at first, would sit around waiting when there is no work to be done and the manager wasn’t around. But thanks to the wonderful colleagues and bosses I had, I gradually learned how to not be just a number, how to get involved, to be someone who cares deeply about their work and the workplace, to be a constant learner and more importantly to have fun at work. The past five years I spent in three companies have made me the confident professional that I am today.

  • The Personal

I come from a deeply loving and caring family, and all these years away from them were really tough for me. I still remember my first call home. The first google chat from college library. The first time I visited back home and my parents’ and sisters’ first visit to USA. The times traveling around seeing this beautiful country, the sheer joy of taking a grad walk in their presence. Even today, I rewind every moment of it.

I also made some wonderful friends during these times. The crazy one, the serious ones, the studious ones and the smart ones. Each of these friendships is an asset to me and something to cherish forever.

It is during this time that I met the love of my life. The wonderful friend who supported me through my struggling days and still does. The person who understands me the most and loves me unconditionally. We got married in December of 2010.

  • The one way ticket back home

On March 2013 me and the husband booked our one way tickets back home. This move came about on a rather short notice, but it certainly happened for the best. I did experience a few hick ups since coming back still do sometimes. But overall this journey has been amazing.

  • From here

For now I am settled in Pune, Maharashtra, close to my family and home town. I have setup a sweet little home office and work as a freelance developer. I am also kickstarting my longer term plans by taking a diploma course in landscape design this fall. So far things are going great. I will keep you updated as I go along..


photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

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