I was watching a silly romantic song yesterday when somehow the tune took me back to the holidays of 2013. It is amazing how a song you barely recall otherwise sometimes bring back so many old memories.

So I got curious and dug through some old memories during those times on my timeline, emails and so on, when I came across a beautiful blog post by my hero Nilofer.

Borrowing some inspiration from her, this year I decided to make a list of things I am grateful for (in no particular order). So here it goes…

  • The mystic scapes created when fog spreads down the valley
  • The fresh green color of a growing plant
  • The oh so lovely Japanese gardens and what they stand for
  • Knowing that there is a friend on the other end of the world, who would always be there for you
  • Northern Lights (one day I will see them!)
  • Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes (especially peep toes, nude pumps)
  • The smell of brand new book, notebook
  • Sharing a laugh with a good old friend
  • Weirdness and laughter shared with siblings, cousins
  • The cello-gripper pen
  • How songs bring back memories
  • Knowing that when life becomes monotonous, there is always a book or a TV series to indulge into and become a character of
  • The arugula salad
  • Indian Tea
  • Knowing that it is never too late to begin
  • The sound of water in ear when lying on the back in a pool
  • The everlasting support system a.k.a. Family
  • A nearby subziwala who voluntarily replaces a bad veggie/fruit (picked by you) with a good one
  • The maid who would force you to believe that there exist high professional ethics in every field
  • Winter Coats, Cotton Sarees
  • Statement Necklaces
  • The comfort food prepared by Mom
  • And for that matter mom made Dahiwada
  • The kids and how they bring out the best in you.
  • Handicrafts, DIYs, all things crafty
  • Books and how they change you for better and forever…
  • The local art shops
  • Magnets, souvenirs
  • First rain and snow of the season
  • Rabadi-Jalebi, Tiramisu, Rasgullah
  • Street Food (especially chaats)
  • Chikoo (Sapota)
  • Classic movies
  • The breakfast cafes located in old towns
  • Cocktails
  • Fragrances
  • All kinds of festivities

I hope this list puts a smile on your face and help you come up with your own list.

Happy Thanks Giving! 🙂


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