It’s been a while since I am active on my blog. For past 10 months or so, I have been busy enjoying my pregnancy and embracing my journey to motherhood. It is the most miraculous thing that happened to us and has been one heck of a ride to parenthood (more about it later in a separate post).

I have always considered myself lucky for having an amazing partner and a supportive family, and today, as I hold my little boy in arms all I can think of is how wonderfully rewarding this whole journey has been and how kind God has been to us.

So, in this very special post I would first like to announce the arrival of our baby boy whom we have named Sayuj. We chose the name for its wonderful meaning which is – A gift from God, and also one who is a friend or a companion. Today, he turns 10 weeks and is growing up fast each day. All the initial uncertainties and whirlwind rides have nearly settled and we are slowly transitioning into our new roles. Everyday he is exploring something new around, and we are exploring something new about him!

Now that I got the hang of my parental activities, I decide to get back to my second fav thing i.e. programming (although in limited capacity at present). While I still have a few more weeks before I can take on work, I am spending this time brushing up my skills and reading all about .NET Core, which seems to be drawing my interest the most at this time. And guess what – .NET Conf, is happening just at the right time, so I can’t wait to get my hands on all new cool stuff that is being rolled out with .NET Core 3.

Since day 1 of my profession, I have been developer in .NET space and an avid C# programmer, but last couple of years I have been little bit inactive in my .NET learning, as I invested more of my time into learning client side web technologies especially JS and JS frameworks. Back in the day, I had started off as a back-end engineer and got well versed with .NET server side technologies, however I was lagging behind on client side tech which I needed to be able to do full stack development. Upon understanding the overall picture of how full stack development works, I am looking forward to exploring recent advancements in web development and excited to try out what .NET Core and ASP.NET Core has to offer.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I feel super energized and super excited about my journey forward, wherein I intend to rock the world of two ‘P’s Parenting and Programming at the same time. I feel parenthood would make me more focused and empowered as a programmer, on the other hand being able to do what I love, would make me a happier and better parent. I love the way Iris does it, she is the best and I constantly draw inspiration from her.

Through my upcoming posts I intend to share the knowledge and wisdom gathered as I juggle these two parts of me. So, stay tuned for more frequent and exciting posts..

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